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There are a few options available to redo your pool surface depending on the type of pool you have.  Most pools are either a concrete (marcite,tile) surface, vinyl liner or fiberglass.  Each type needs a different remedy to resurface pool.

Resurfaced Pool
Concrete Pools
Vinyl Pools


Marcite finishes are generally quite labour intensive and expensive (usually most expensive next to tile).  They generally last a longtime, anywhere from 10-20+ years depending on how well the water chemistry has been maintained.  But they do generally need to have cleaning maintenance which over time is destructive to the surface.  Also with the cleaning of this type of surface it becomes a lot like sandpaper and can remove skin quite easily of bathers that slip, fall or play in the pool.

Epoxy Paint

Epoxy Paint finishes are quite economical to use as a coating (the is the least expensive solution generally), but have some very limiting factors with them.  First, they only last a very short time; from around 2-5 years on average depending on how well the water chemistry has been maintained.  Second, to recoat can often be labour intensive and time consuming for the pool company and results in down time for the owner(s).  Not to mention they are dependent on weather.  

Epoxy Resin (KoreKote)

Epoxy Resin (KoreKote) finishes are economical, long lasting, and they need only 24hrs of curing time before refilling and use. These finishes also come with a 10 year manufacturer Warranty.  This puts it above the rest; no other surface has a warranty attached to it!  The price is around 30% more than Epoxy Paint but it has a warranty to last 2-3 times longer.

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They are usually surfaced with tile, a cement painted with an Epoxy Paint, a cement marcite finish or Epoxy Resin Coating.

Each surfacing agent has its pros and cons.

Vinyl pools usually only have the option of replacing the old liner with a new one.  This is very effective.  The pool looks brand new.  The liners will last between 7-15 years depending on how well the water chemistry has been maintained.  The cost is fairly economical.  The only downside with vinyl is that it sharp objects need to be kept away from the pool otherwise it can spring a leak.

Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass surfaces are quite durable and will last many years but they will be subject to UV deterioration of their colors.  The surfaces can be redone with an Epoxy Resin (KoreKote).  It is fairly economical and has the same benefits as its use on concrete pool surfaces.  This will give the fiberglass pool a minimum 10 year surface life (surface integrity and etc will affect the longevity of the pools life).

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