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The Services We Provide
  • New installation

  • Replace worn out covers of all brands

  • Diagnose and repair all issues which may include: tracks, rails, ropes, roll tubes, motors, and etc.

  • Retrofit old systems with new ones

  • Warranty work

Some of Who are:

  • Aquamatic

  • Safe T Cover

  • Cover Pools

  • CoverStar Canada

Automatic Pool Cover Brands

Putting a barrier between the water and the air reduces the ability of the chemicals to evaporate or be affected by the atmosphere.  


This reduces the loss of chlorine to the sun and reduces the need for Cyanuric Acid to block the sun’s influence on the burning off the chlorine that is needed for sanitizing the pool water. 


Hence, this allows easier maintenance of the water balance needed for an optimal pool experience. As a result it lowers the pool operating costs over time.

Less Chemical Usage:

A pool cover helps keep humans and animals out of the pool.  It allows you to restrict access to only authorized individuals and it can eliminate the need for fencing. A pool cover can save lives of animals or humans.

Safety Barrier:

With the reduced exposure to the elements your pool will experience less contamination of leaves, dust, and any other debris that is in the environment around your home and pool.  So cleaning frequencies and time spent cleaning are reduced.

Reduced Time & Cost
In Pool Cleaning:

By reducing the impact of the environmental contamination and water balance, (which impacts filtration, deterioration of seals, heaters and other equipment),  you will reduce the overall cost of your pool experience, both emotional and financial.

Increase Longevity:
Automatic Pool Cover
Recess Pool Cover Aquamatic

What are the benefits of having a pool cover?

There are overlapping benefits to having a pool cover; some of those benefits are:

Automatic Pool covers play a significant role in reducing a pool's environmental impact by helping reduce chemical, electrical, gas and water use.  

Environmental Impact:

Water Conservation

Water is a precious resource. As water has become a more precious commodity to all of us by having an automatic swimming pool safety cover that is on the pool most of the time, you will save up to 90% of the water used by a typical pool without a cover.

Less Pool Chemicals

A typical cover  can help save up to 70% of the pool chemicals you would use if the pool was uncovered. The energy saved in producing, packaging and transporting these chemicals can be a real benefit to the environment.

Conserving Power & Reducing Pollution

Because the pool is kept much cleaner when an automatic swimming pool safety cover is used, a variable speed pump can be used to reduce the volume of water circulation to the most efficient filtering and heating of your pool.  In so doing reducing the usage of electricity running your pump.

Conserving Natural Gas

When pool water evaporates, it takes heat with it. Because most covers can prevent most evaporation, heating requirements are reduced. Which in turn saves on natural gas.

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